About Me

From the moment I first picked up my camera, I fell in love with photography and became a storyteller. Photography is my passion, and that passion continues to grow with every click of my shutter. It allows me to capture a moment in time that will never repeat itself. It allows me to see beauty in the most unexpected places.

I shoot pretty much anything, but I'd have to say my favorite types of photography are black and white, landscape/nature, and macro.

I love black-and-white photography because it's raw, it’s honest and it has a timeless look. Sometimes colors can be distracting and take the focus away from the subject.

I love macro photography because it brings out the minute details of the subject. Things that are not normally visible to the human eye look so amazing when you see them up close.

And then there’s landscape/nature photography. Simply put, I love nature and the outdoors. I try to capture beautiful places and beautiful moments to not only record my own memories, but to share with those who aren’t able to see what I’m seeing.

I'm not a writer or a poet. Sometimes it's hard to find the words that express my feelings when I watch how a sunrise sets the morning alight with incredible hues. Sharing my photos gives me so much pleasure in knowing others can experience some of the wonder and awe I feel when taking them.

So I hope you enjoy the world and all its beauty as seen through my lens.